Best of Omaha Professional and Health Services

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Best Chiropractic Practice 

  • Reader’s Choice Best of the Big O: Heartland Chiropractic Clinic
  • Reader’s Choice Best of the Big O: Hauser Chiropractic & Acupuncture
  • Reader’s Recommend: Millard Family Chiropractic & Wellness
  • Reader’s Recommend: Natural Life Chiropractic
  • Reader’s Refer: Mack Family Chiropractic
  • Reader’s Refer: Becker Chiropractic
  • Reader’s Refer: Diamond Chiropractic North
  • Reader’s Refer: Elevate Chiropractic
  • Reader’s Refer: Hinrichs Chiropractic
  • Reader’s Refer: Essential Motion: Spine and Sport
  • Reader’s Refer: Martin & Schrage Chiropractic
  • Reader’s Refer: Blum Chiropractic
  • Reader’s Refer: Natural Spinal Solutions
  • Reader’s Refer: Godfrey Chiropractic
  • Reader’s Refer: Nutter Chiropractic
  • Reader’s Refer: Akridge and Akridge Chiropractic
  • Reader’s Refer: Back to the Basics Chiropractic

Best Cosmetic Dentistry Practice 

  • Reader’s Choice Best of the Big O: New Image Dentistry
  • Reader’s Choice: Premier Dental
  • Reader’s Choice: Bolding Dentistry
  • Reader’s Recommend: Aesthetic & Family Dentistry

Best Cosmetic Surgery Practice 

  • Reader’s Choice Best of the Big O: Popp Cosmetic Surgery PC
  • Reader’s Choice: Ideal Image Omaha
  • Reader’s Choice: Aesthetic Surgical Images

Best Counseling Clinic 

  • Reader’s Choice Best of the Big O: Arbor Family Counseling
  • Reader’s Choice: Psychiatric Services PC
  • Reader’s Recommend: Lifespan Counseling
  • Reader’s Refer: Integrative Psychiatry
  • Reader’s Refer: Center For Mindful Living
  • Reader’s Refer: Omaha Integrative Care
  • Reader’s Refer: Great Oaks Counseling
  • Reader’s Refer: Be Kind Counseling
  • Reader’s Refer: Your Story Matters Therapy Group
  • Reader’s Refer: Heartland Family Service

Best Dentist Office 

  • Reader’s Choice Best of the Big O: Summit Dental Health
  • Reader’s Choice: Premier Dental
  • Reader’s Recommend: Millard Oaks Dental
  • Reader’s Recommend: Bolding Dentistry
  • Reader’s Recommend: Innovative Dental Care
  • Reader’s Refer: Blecha Family Dental
  • Reader’s Refer: Ohana Smiles
  • Reader’s Refer: Montclair Dental
  • Reader’s Refer: Midland’s Dental Group Gretna Family Dentistry
  • Reader’s Refer: Serenity Dental
  • Reader’s Refer: Family Dentistry of Bellevue
  • Reader’s Refer: Dental Designs Inc.
  • Reader’s Refer: Hoover Dental
  • Reader’s Refer: New Image Dentistry
  • Reader’s Refer: The Tooth Doc
  • Reader’s Refer: Dentistry for Health
  • Reader’s Refer: Pacific Village Dental
  • Reader’s Refer: The Dentists at Dundee
  • Reader’s Refer: Willow Dental
  • Reader’s Refer: Millard Family Dentistry
  • Reader’s Refer: West Pacific Dental Group
  • Reader’s Refer: Kennedy Dental
  • Reader’s Refer: Bel Drive Dental
  • Reader’s Refer: Michael Sesemann DDS

Best Dermatology Clinic

  • Reader’s Choice Best of the Big O: Dr. Joel Schlessinger
  • Reader’s Choice: Dermatology Specialists of Omaha
  • Reader’s Choice: Midwest Dermatology
  • Reader’s Choice: MOD Dermatology
  • Reader’s Recommend: Braddock Finnegan Helget Dermatology, P.C.

Best Health Clinic

  • Reader’s Choice Best of the Big O: Think Whole Person Healthcare
  • Reader’s Choice: Nebraska Medicine
  • Reader’s Choice: Physicians Clinic
  • Reader’s Choice: OneWorld Community Health Centers
  • Reader’s Refer: Methodist Elkhorn Clinic

Best Hospital

  • Reader’s Choice Best of the Big O: Nebraska Medicine Nebraska Medical Center
  • Reader’s Choice: Methodist Hospital
  • Reader’s Recommend: CHI Health Lakeside
  • Reader’s Recommend: Boys Town National Research Hospital
  • Reader’s Recommend: CHI Bergan Mercy
  • Reader’s Refer: Children’s Hospital

Best In-Home Care

  • Reader’s Choice Best of the Big O: Visiting Nurse Association
  • Reader’s Choice: Home Instead
  • Reader’s Choice: Right At Home
  • Reader’s Choice: Hillcrest Caring Companions
  • Reader’s Refer: Comfort Keepers
  • Reader’s Refer: Angels Care Home Health

Best Lasik Center

  • Reader’s Choice Best of the Big O: Omaha & Lincoln Eye and Laser Institute
  • Reader’s Recommend: Omaha LASIK Eye Surgery Vision Center – LasikPlus
  • Reader’s Recommend: Kugler Vision
  • Reader’s Refer: Brumm Eye & Laser Vision

Best Law Firm – Divorce 

  • Reader’s Choice Best of the Big O: Koenig | Dunne
  • Reader’s Choice: McGill Law, P.C., L.L.O.
  • Reader’s Recommend: Husker Law
  • Reader’s Refer: Nebraska Legal Group
  • Reader’s Refer: The Law Office of David Riley
  • Reader’s Refer: Hightower Reff Law

Best Law Firm – DUI 

  • Reader’s Choice Best of the Big O: Olsen Law Offices
  • Reader’s Choice: Williams Law LLC
  • Reader’s Choice: Schaefer Shapiro, LLP
  • Reader’s Recommend: Craig Martin Law
  • Reader’s Recommend: Dornan Law
  • Reader’s Refer: Berry Law
  • Reader’s Refer: Douglas Amen

Best Law Firm – Personal Injury

  • Reader’s Choice Best of the Big O: Hauptman O’Brien Wolf & Lathrop, P.C.
  • Reader’s Choice: Inserra l Kelley l Sewell, Injury Attorneys
  • Reader’s Refer: Welsh & Welsh PC, LLO
  • Reader’s Refer: Dyer Law
  • Reader’s Refer: Pesek Law

Best Long Term Care Facility 

  • Reader’s Choice Best of the Big O: Hillcrest Country Estates Cottages
  • Reader’s Choice: Brookestone Village
  • Reader’s Recommend: Westgate Assisted Living
  • Reader’s Refer: Maple Ridge Retirement Community

Best OB/GYN Practice 

  • Reader’s Choice Best of the Big O: Methodist Women’s Hospital
  • Reader’s Choice: Mid-City OB-GYN
  • Reader’s Recommend: Omaha OB-GYN Associates
  • Reader’s Recommend: Olson Center for Women’s Health
  • Reader’s Refer: OneWorld Community Health Centers

Best Optical Store

  • Reader’s Choice Best of the Big O: Midwest Eye Care
  • Reader’s Choice: Malbar Vision Center
  • Reader’s Choice: Advanced Family Eyecare
  • Reader’s Choice: ViewPointe Vision
  • Reader’s Refer: See + Be Seen
  • Reader’s Refer: Modern Eyes
  • Reader’s Refer: Ilumin
  • Reader’s Refer: Shopko Optical
  • Reader’s Refer: Illusion Eyewear
  • Reader’s Refer: JCPenney Optical
  • Reader’s Refer: Mixan Eyecare

Best Optometrist Practice  

  • Reader’s Choice Best of the Big O: Malbar Vision Center
  • Reader’s Choice Best of the Big O: Advanced Family Eyecare
  • Reader’s Choice: Pearle Vision
  • Reader’s Recommend: View Pointe Vision
  • Reader’s Recommend: Illumin
  • Reader’s Recommend: Eye Care West
  • Reader’s Refer: Modern Eyes Eyecare & Eyewear
  • Reader’s Refer: Definitive Vision
  • Reader’s Refer: Eye Consultants
  • Reader’s Refer: Midwest Eye
  • Reader’s Refer: Illusion Eyewear

Best Orthodontist Office

  • Reader’s Choice Best of the Big O: Igel Orthodontics
  • Reader’s Choice: Omaha Orthodontics
  • Reader’s Choice: Hawley Orthodontics
  • Reader’s Recommend: Huerter Orthodontics
  • Reader’s Refer: Stafford Orthodontics
  • Reader’s Refer: The Tooth Doc
  • Reader’s Refer: Wees & Low Orthodontics
  • Reader’s Refer: Braces Omaha
  • Reader’s Refer: Olson Orthodontics

Best Pediatric Office 

  • Reader’s Choice Best of the Big O: Children’s Physicians
  • Reader’s Choice: Boys Town Pediatrics
  • Reader’s Choice: Village Pointe Pediatrics
  • Reader’s Recommend: Omaha Childrens Clinic

Best Pharmacy 

  • Reader’s Choice Best of the Big O: Kubat HealthCare
  • Reader’s Choice Best of the Big O: Kohll’s Pharmacy
  • Reader’s Choice: CVS Pharmacy
  • Reader’s Refer: Walgreen’s
  • Reader’s Refer: Elmwood Pharmacy
  • Reader’s Refer: RelayCare

Best Physical/Occupational Therapy 

  • Reader’s Choice Best of the Big O: Makovicka Physical Therapy
  • Reader’s Choice: Fyzical Therapy & Balance Centers
  • Reader’s Recommend: Integrated Care
  • Reader’s Recommend: Athletico – Excel Physical Therapy
  • Reader’s Recommend: Innovate Physical Therapy
  • Reader’s Refer: Summit Health
  • Reader’s Refer: Restore Physical Therapy
  • Reader’s Refer: Innovate Rehab and Wellness
  • Reader’s Refer: Activate Physical Therapy

Best Podiatrist 

  • Reader’s Choice Best of the Big O: Foot and Ankle Specialists
  • Reader’s Choice: The Foot and Ankle Clinic
  • Reader’s Recommend: Mid Plains Podiatry
  • Reader’s Recommend: Foot and Ankle Center of NE/IA
  • Reader’s Recommend: Family Foot Care

Best Veterinary Clinic

  • Reader’s Choice Best of the Big O: Ralston Vet
  • Reader’s Choice: Heartland Pet Hospital
  • Reader’s Choice: Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital
  • Reader’s Recommend: American Animal Hospital
  • Reader’s Refer: Rockbrook Animal Clinic
  • Reader’s Refer: VCA Animal Hospital
  • Reader’s Refer: Skyline Vet Clinic
  • Reader’s Refer: Westgate Animal Clinic
  • Reader’s Refer: Northwest Animal Hospital
  • Reader’s Refer: ValVerde Animal Hospital
  • Reader’s Refer: Loveland Animal Hospital
  • Reader’s Refer: Millard Veterinary Clinics
  • Reader’s Refer: Goodrich Veterinary
  • Reader’s Refer: The Pet Clinic
  • Reader’s Refer: Papillion Animal Hospital
  • Reader’s Refer: Green Acres Animal Clinic
  • Reader’s Refer: Banfield Pet Hospital
  • Reader’s Refer: Lone Tree Animal Care Center

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