Food Truck Hub Opens

WIth the potential for a beer-garden style bar, Trucks and Taps opens up to the possibilities

Trucks and Taps

While many have been excited to get back into restaurants, others have maintained their social distance since Omaha began the reopening process. Omahans are looking for another option; Something between DoorDash and dining in.

Trucks and Taps offers an answer to this modern-world quandary. The food truck hub located at 5402 S 108th street offers an outdoor patio, and plans to open a bar in the near future. At present, T&T hosts Dire Lion, Wonton Jon’s, and Big Green Q.

Each truck manages their own menu and hours, which can be found on the hub’s Facebook page at
Food truck operators interested in a spot can email TrucksAndTaps@Gmail.Com to inquire.

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