Although cannabis is not legal in the state of Nebraska, it is nonetheless celebrated. Despite a governor who preaches reefer madness, the festivities will go ahead as planned; after all, what’s most important is partaking safely in 4/20 festivities, with regards to COVID-19.

So, if you’re looking for a handy list of cool things to do in Omaha for 4/20, everything from outdoor adventures to inside calls to the local headshop awaits you. Soon, your head will be filled with good ideas to spend your celebration in our potholed, pot-smoking city.

Get your head right with the Group Therapy Tour on 4/20. Photo credit: Waiting Room Facebook Page

Catch Live Shows

King ISO Presents: The Group Therapy Tour

Given most folks are still wondering, when will live music return to Omaha, this show one of the most anticipated of the season – and the fact that it falls on 4/20 makes it all the sweeter. This is King Iso & the Group Therapy Tour’s Omaha date, and the results are liable to be electric.

There will be plenty of hometown talents – including King ISO himself. What’s more, The Group Therapy Tour consists of Omaha-based rappers Taebo Tha Truth and Snake Lucci, as well as Indiana’s C-Mob, while seasoned openers include Jay Influential, NEVES, Mumbles, and JBM Empire.

King ISO signed to Tech N9ne’s esteemed Strange Music label at the tail-end of 2019, and released his debut album, World War Me, in February 2020. The album came out shortly before the pandemic – so, King ISO & friends are likely very excited to ring in those accomplishments with a stellar show.

You can get a ticket for $20 by purchasing in advance, $25 at the door, or $50 if you’re interested in the VIP package. You should wear a mask.

Getting high takes on a whole new meaning Inside Little Ricky’s Rooftop Bar. Photo by Sal Robles

Celebrate With Some Sky-High Fun

The Tequila Brothers @ Little Ricky’s Rooftop Bar

  • 148 S 39th St
  • 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm
  • No cover

Patio season has arrived, and that is some wonderful news; and while patios are wonderful, there’s nothing like a rooftop.

If you are inclined to agree, come to Little Ricky’s Rooftop Bar this 4/20 for some fantastic festivities. The Tequila Brothers will be playing a free-to-attend show and a timeless night in the historic Blackstone district.

All lucky audience members & barflies can experience the band’s live musical debut. This duo – composed of Danny Garcia from Lemon Fresh Day & Dave Bontrager from Fishheads – will play your favorite covers, especially if you enjoy alternative rock.

What’s more, Little Ricky’s Rooftop Bar places visitors eye-level with the beautiful Blackstone horizon. There’s nothing like being outside, yet also in a drinking establishment, drinking down the glasses, atmosphere, and music; so you can bet it will be a perfect 4/20 spot to visit.

11 states have legalized recreational use, 35 states have medical marijuana programs. In Nebraska, marijuana is
classified as a Schedule 1 drug. Photo by Unsplash

Want to Legalize? Attend Your Local 420 Rally

  • 30th and Ames Ave
  • 3 pm – 6 pm

After last year’s 420 rally got postponed due to the pandemic, this year’s is much needed. The Cannabis Rights Party of Nebraska is once again teaming up with Dark Art Tattoos & All Pro Promotions to publicly protest marijuana’s prohibition.

This will be a kid-friendly event and is intended to raise awareness for both the Cannabis Rights Party of Nebraska and the broader fight to legalize pot. More specifically, the party is collecting signatures to become a state-recognized political party, so make sure to sign up when you come – and tell your friends to stop by too.

Fighting against Nebraska’s militant opposition to cannabis is important and extremely relevant because Nebraskan Governor Pete Ricketts is actively opposed to cannabis in the state. But also important is Omaha’s fight against COVID-19; so, only attend if you’re feeling well and can practice common-sense safety precautions.

Undesign the Redline is hosted by The Union for Contemporary Art. Photo credit: Undesign the Redline’s Facebook Event Page

Keep the Good Vibes Going: Undesign the Redline

  • Virtual Event April 20
  • 11:00 am – 12:30 pm
  • Free to attend; register online

If you’re a 420-enthusiast, living in Omaha, you’re likely seeking cannabis’s legalization. But there is also a solid chance you might be interested in other specific reforms.

Undesign the Redline is an ongoing community conversation that centralizes core topics like Redlining, voter suppression, and the fight to desegregate Omaha. All can “attend” these necessary conversations virtually by registering for free online.

Additionally, the event will be moderated by Maria Corpuz, the director of Jasmine Harris’s mayoral campaign. It will be punctuated by an engaging panel discussion, including Alexis Bromley, director of One Omaha, Amanda Huckins of Media Corp., and Clarice Dombeck, UNO student. While the holiday and this virtual conversation aren’t exactly related, the two are in a way related. And it’s a good thing to attend, safely, at home, before blasting into your celebration, and it thereby gives that celebration new meaning.   

Fontenelle Forests asks that you do not walk your dogs on the property. Photo credit: Fontenelle Forest’s Facebook Page

Visit the Always Dope Fontenelle Forest

  • 1111 Bellevue Blvd N
  • $11 for adults, $10 for seniors,
  • $8 for children aged 2-17, and free for members.

There’s perhaps no better way to celebrate a day of greenery than by spending it knee-deep in a forest. Fontenelle Forest is one of the greenest places you can venture in the surrounding Omaha; it is one of Nebraska’s five National Natural Landmarks.

No matter how humanity progresses, sometimes the best conversations and ideas are had while strolling through the woods. Even during the New Roaring 20’s, hiking remains beloved by a core following; and it will greatly enhance your 4/20 experience and add another invaluable dimension to it called exercise.

To maximize social distancing efforts, please renew or register your membership online prior to showing up instead of doing so in person. Additionally, Omaha Public Library cardholders can get free passes to Fontenelle – so sign up if you haven’t already!

Hummel Park’s “The Stairs to Hell” invokes an unsettling feeling, and folks have been struggling to count the total steps for generations. Photo credit: Hummel Park’s Facebook Page

Catch the Myth at Hummel Park

  • 3033 Hummel Rd

Hummel Park has a strange lore. Most superstitions and urban myth-making centers around the supernatural. Disappearing stairs, Satanic rituals, stuff like that. And that’s why Hummel Park makes for a great stop on your 4/20 celebratory excursion into the outside world.

Hummel Park oscillates between very chill and very haunted. It’s fun to check out the sites with your loved ones, share ghost stories, and score some valuable time with nature.

Plus, it’s a great place to walk your dog; together, you and your four-legged friends can investigate timeless mysteries. With all the mystery in the air, it will be easier to do some deep thinking about everything from the universe to what’s really in your food.

It’s worth noting that Hummel Park actively dispels rumors of the park’s past – and for good reason. And although some of the rumors are more well-known or morbid than others, they do get people wanting to travel to the park and judge its energy for themselves – what better time to do so than 4/20?  

Leavenworth Coughy was opened in 2015. Photo credit: Leavenworth Coughy’s Facebook page

Peruse Head Shops From Home with Leavenworth Coughy

  • 3170 Leavenworth St, Ste B Omaha

What better way to celebrate 4/20 than by making an order for a delivery from a head shop? This feature, offered by Leavenworth Coughy, is perfect for the especially lazy stoners this holiday season. Anything you need – papers, water pipes, CBD products – can get delivered right to your door, between the hours of 2 pm and 10 pm.

Supporting your local head shops means supporting the talents of marvelous, hard-working glassblowers. And Coughy – one of Omaha’s most successful head shops – has a great selection to peruse online or in person.

If you choose to stop into the store, you must wear a mask. Staring aimlessly at the glass cases, displaying a whole spectrum of glass art, is a must for any visitor at any given time at any given glass shop.

No matter your style, you owe it to yourself to check out Coughy on 4/20. Get yourself that vase-shaped water pipe or help a loved one by purchasing them some CBD oil.

You can find everything you need at 42 Degrees. Photo credit: 42 Degrees’ Facebook Page

Get Meta at 42 Degrees

With seven locations in Omaha and one in Council Bluffs, 42 Degrees has become a mainstay as far as head shops are concerned. Chances are you can find one near you, or “by your mom’s house,” as their salacious advertisements suggest.

Ultimately, 4/20 is in the company’s name. And as such, 42 Degrees is a no-brainer for anyone looking to make some celebratory purchases or admire fantastic glass art on the 4/20 holiday.

The reason 42 Degrees remains a staple in Omaha is because they simply have everything 4/20 related. From pipes and grinders to vitamins and vapes, there are plenty of tools to assist you in making this 4/20 the greatest one ever.

If you are feeling well enough to visit, then any one of 42 Degrees’ eight locations will make for a perfect stop on your quest to have a legendary 4/20 holiday experience. Mask up and party on!

Nothing will compare to incorporating this delicious food into your 4/20 extravaganza. Photo credit: Lalibela’s Facebook Page

Order Your 4/20 Breakfast from Lalibela Restaurant

If you’re not the kind of stoner who wants to make breakfast to kickstart their 4/20, but you still want to eat at home, then you’ve considered ordering takeout. Whether you are looking to expand your breakfast horizons, or are simply a huge fan of Ethiopian food, there’s nothing like a home breakfast ordered from Lalibela Restaurant.

It’s not news to anyone that Omaha’s culinary world is filled with some fine dining establishments. But when it comes to culinary excellence, no other breakfast, served around 10 am – not too early, not too late – could ever compare!

Ideally, folks would be able to enjoy the nice atmosphere and friendly service of the waitstaff by dining in. Fortunately, the entire staff is committed to making sure takeout orders are handled with delicacy. Soon you’ll be at home, with a little piece of Ethiopian gold to share with your housemates.

And always remember the plus-side of ordering too much food is the ability to eat it later. This will come in handy as your 4/20 celebration continues to unfold.

The Crescent Moon has been blessing Omaha with great draft beer selections since 1996. Photo credit: Crescent Moon’s Facebook Page

Have a Chill 4/20 Dinner at Crescent Moon

  • 3578 Farnam St
  • Closes at midnight

If you’re in the mood for ruminating in Omaha’s nightlife and want to find a bar that features some great food to satisfy those late-night munchies, look no further than Crescent Moon. It may not be “dinner” in a traditional sense, but in the non-traditional spirit of 4/20, the location makes perfect sense.

This bar is known for putting a chill vibe out into Omaha’s universe thanks to friendly staff and bar-goers alike. And that’s saying something given Omaha’s vast array of excellent bars. If you’re looking for that final drop of 4/20 greatness, then get the Tuesday enchiladas and a cold one if you’re drinking.

The bar has limited seating due to the pandemic, necessitating an eight-person per-group limit. But if you wanted to order delivery, that’s always an option as well. If you’re going to the bar, remember your mask. Add to that your ID, your way home, and a great tip for your bartender.

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