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  • office-christmas-party-trailer-fbpic.jpg

    Not Quite Naughty, Definitely Not Nice

    Despite a colossal collection of funny people, this is a massive misfire. more

  • LOVING-movie.jpg

    Titular Opposite

    A great true story with great performances poorly told by a director who increasingly proves he may be incapable of greatness. more

  • Moana 2.jpg


    A generically, mostly pleasant experience filled with forgettable songs, The Rock and a rock-eating rooster. more

  • Newt-Scamander-Tina-Goldstein-Jacob-Kowalski-Fantastic-Beasts-and-Where-to-Find-Them.jpg

    Hairy Plotter

    An insipid, sometimes racist, exploitation of a beautiful franchise, this is one that not even die-hard Potter fans should endure. more

  • Edgeof172.jpg

    Highly-Skilled High Schooler

    This coming-of-age flick may do nothing new, but it does many things very, very well. more

  • Moonlight2.jpg

    Full Moon

    One of the year's very best, this is as significant and important a film as it is damn good. more

  • Arrival 2.jpg

    Hurts So Good

    This movie about alien first-contact is actually way more about humanity and how we view the world. more

  • doctor-strange-movie-benedict-cumberbatch2.jpg

    Doctor Strange­like

    A by-the-(spell)book superhero origin story that only thrives a bit due to trippy visuals. more

  • trolls-movie2.jpg

    Upvote on Upcombs

    For the second time, a movie based on a line of toys doesn't suck. more


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