Report Card

  • Kong Grade.jpg

    Light on Bananas

    A nearly super-fun reintroduction of King Kong, complete with huge spiders and a bonkers John C. Reilly. more

  • Salesman grade.jpg

    A Reel Good Deal

    This nuanced thriller won Best Foreign Film at the Academy Awards. For real, Beatty didn't screw this one up. more

  • Logangrade.jpg

    Hurry Up, Sunset

    The swan song of a long-running superhero is just as overwrought as the rest of his tenure. more


  • neruda grade.jpg

    Fun With Fascism

    A creative take on the generally stale biopic genre, this film gets bonus points for mocking fascists. Not that that's particularly relevant right now... more

  • Get Out Grade.jpg

    Slightly Worse White People

    This brilliantly literal take on race relations works as a satire and as a damn-good horror movie unto itself. more

  • toni-erdmann-5-rcm0x1920u.jpg

    Basic Bitching

    This foreign film is yet another example of a basic, uninspired movie getting too much praise. more

  • tumblr_oamjsvdyom1qjvd0ko1_1280.jpg


    This spin-off of a one-note, hilarious character from The Lego Movie feels exactly one-note and less hilarious. more

  • baldwin_0.jpg

    The More Things (Don’t) Change

    A well-intended and frequently brilliant glimpse into a genius from the past with insight on the present. more

  • JW2.jpg

    Embrace the Wick-iverse

    With more goofy mythos and plenty more headshots, this second chapter is the rare sequel that outdoes the original. more


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