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  • 640_Affleck_Ben_GRIMSBMF_EXC_102815_51891464.jpg

    Suspenders of Disbelief

    A horrid, gross, self-indulgent gangster epic that is four terrible movies all at once. more

  • landscape-1475695680-hbz-natalie-jackie-index.jpg

    Can We Not, Camelot?

    A dull, uninspired bit of Oscar bait that fits well in 2016's subpar style. more

  • thumbnail_24795.jpg

    Hey Kids, I’m a Computer

    A cliched but important and moving real-life story about three black women we really should have known about before now. more

  • lalaland2.jpg

    So-So Sorry

    Destined to join the ranks of The King's Speech and The Artist as "Oscar winners time forgets," this is overrated stuff. more

  • moonlight (1).jpg

    Lean, Mean Empathy Machine

    An impossibly perfect film that just-so-happened to be released right when we need it. more

  • Passengers 2.jpg

    Passing Jerks

    A boring, misogynistic snoozefest that wastes two good actors. more

  • manchester-by-the-sea.jpg

    What Did I Just Sea?

    This universally acclaimed film is much weirder when you unpack the performances... more

  • resistance-star-wars-rogue-one.jpg

    Vague Ones

    A worthy entry in the Star Wars mythos, this could have used a little more character development to turn rah-rah action into glorious accomplishment. more


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