Report Card

  • denial-2.jpg

    Nasal Gazing

    This melodramatic retelling of a real-life court case involving Holocaust denial is cheesy but still solid. more

  • Inferno 2.jpg


    The third "adventure" for Dan Brown's inert protagonist is easily the worst. more

  • certain-women.jpg

    On "We"

    This thoughtful, muted examination of women with interlocking stories in a small town is one of the year's best. more

  • The Accountant 2.jpg

    Don’t Shoot, Shoot, Shoot That Thing at Me

    A horrifyingly dumb thriller that does pretty much everything real, real bad. more

  • Hone2.jpg

    Sticks and Stays

    A promising start succumbs to useless repetition and a duplicated arc with Shia LaBeouf. That's never good. more

  • GirlontheTrain2.jpg

    Loco Motives

    An adaptation of the bestselling book that leads to the question "why was this a bestselling book?" more

  • Peregrine2.jpg

    It’s Fine. Whatever.

    Tim Burton's attempt to crossbreed Harry Potter and the X-Men is totally whatever. more


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