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    Slightly Worse White People

    This brilliantly literal take on race relations works as a satire and as a damn-good horror movie unto itself. more

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    Basic Bitching

    This foreign film is yet another example of a basic, uninspired movie getting too much praise. more

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    This spin-off of a one-note, hilarious character from The Lego Movie feels exactly one-note and less hilarious. more

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    The More Things (Don’t) Change

    A well-intended and frequently brilliant glimpse into a genius from the past with insight on the present. more

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    Embrace the Wick-iverse

    With more goofy mythos and plenty more headshots, this second chapter is the rare sequel that outdoes the original. more

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    Hey Kids, I’m a Computer

    A cliched but important and moving real-life story about three black women we really should have known about before now. more

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    So-So Sorry

    Destined to join the ranks of The King's Speech and The Artist as "Oscar winners time forgets," this is overrated stuff. more

  • moonlight (1).jpg

    Lean, Mean Empathy Machine

    An impossibly perfect film that just-so-happened to be released right when we need it. more


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