For the record, being right kicks ass. I mean, it doesn’t kick as much ass as this guy does but close.

Zack Snyder is going to direct Superman . Yeah, who called that? I’ll give you a hint, his name sounds like Schmyran Schmearick. Chris Nolan, who probably didn’t have total autonomy when it comes down to hiring, at least had to see the writing on the wall. Giving an artist unfamiliar with visual spectacle this gig would have been yet another misfire waiting to happen. You have a guy with crazy limitless powers, you need to have a bit more action than most indie-converts are going to bring to the table. You want to give a budding cinematic auteur a superhero movie, you give them anyone but Superman to tackle. Further proof that they are concerned with the action angle: The villain is going to be Zod. I read a write-up on Slashfilm that talked about how this is being done because they want it to be an accessible film, and that having Brainiac or Darkseid be the villain just would have been too out there for audiences. Maybe. That probably did partially influence the thinking, but I actually think there’s a better reason: They’re evenly matched. The problem is always that Superman is the strongest, fastest, bestest hero out there, so the only thing you can do is pit an evil character who isn’t as powerful as him against him. Or…you use the one character who is EVERY BIT as powerful as he is. People are already launching their “super-slow-mo” jokes and 300 -based cracks on Snyder’s hiring, but let me say this: For the first time in as long as I can remember, I’m actually totally excited to see what this Superman movie is going to look like. I think it can kick ass. I think it can be something amazing. But most of all, I think it kicks ass that I totally called it. Ya-boo!

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