Oct. 16 9500 Liberty Film Streams, 1340 Mike Fahey St. Noon, Q & A w/co-director Eric Byler follows $9, $7 seniors/students 933.0259, filmstreams.org When filmmakers Eric Byler and Annabel Park noted the place where they live, Prince William County, Virginia, turning into ground zero for anti-immigration forces, they knew a good story when they saw it. As the drama unfolded, they captured events with their digital cameras, posting video clips on YouTube as they went. Their 9500 Liberty project invited viewers to share comments in an online interactive forum. The couple became new media citizen journalists, watchdogs, documentarians, in-demand witnesses and participants, and leaders in a movement for renewed civic-political engagement. Their advocacy project morphed into a feature-length documentary; they’re traveling the nation with it to promote open dialogue. Byler will join in a post-screening Q & A at Film Streams.

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