May 20 Oak Ridge Boys with the Omaha Symphony Holland Performing Arts Center, 1200 Douglas St. 8 p.m., $35-$100, 402.342.3560, You do a little research for a blurb on the Oak Ridge Boys, and you find out the group was formed clear back in 1947. At first you say, “Holy shit! I figured those guys were old, but damn!” Then you realize that no, the Oak Ridge Boys are actually just as much of a brand as they are a band, and they continually rotate new musicians into the group as needed. That’s a testament to their music, I suppose; you couldn’t pull off a 64-year process like that if fans didn’t keep demanding to hear hits like “Elvira,” “Bobbie Sue” and “Thank God For Kids” live. Friday, fans in the Omaha area will get to hear the Oak Ridge Boys’ distinctive harmonies paired with their full band and the live orchestra of the Omaha Symphony. The ORB past includes 11 former members and the current lineup, lead Duane Allen, tenor Joe Bonsall, baritone William Lee Golden and bass Richard Sterban.

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