Welcome to another episode of Movieha! We continue to try and evolve and change, ever-listening to your comments. This week we rename one segment and revamp another! What’s more, on Tuesday, we’re going to sample a little mini-cast for you of a new segment we want your feedback on. But for now, listen to this week’s episode in which Matt volunteers to fight famous people and denies his obvious sexual attraction to Roger Rabbit. Meet you on the other side for some extra stuff!

So what did you think? Hopefully we’re getting a little more together, delivering a little more of what you want, but as always, please let us know what else we can do to satisfy you. We’re all about your needs. Now let’s get to the weekly business.

Box Office Haikus

Here are last week’s results along with my patented formula that reveals my predictive accuracy: Box Office May 6-8 1.) Thor – $34 million (Accuracy of prediction – 94%) 2.) Bridesmaids – $26 million (Accuracy of prediction – 98%) 3.) Fast 5 – $20 million (Accuracy of prediction – 87.5%) 4.) Priest – $15 million (Accuracy of prediction – 100%) 5.) Rio – $8 million (Accuracy of prediction – 0%)

Overall accuracy of prediction – 76%

Rio did me in.

I swear I’m better than this.

Maybe not by much.

Now, on to this week’s predictions!

Box Office Predictions for May 20-22

1.) Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides – $95 million

Enjoy your last ride,

I think we’re over pirates.

It’s walk the plank time.

2.) Bridesmaids – $20 million

Huge word-of-mouth here,

everybody loves it lots!

Why? Because it’s GOOD.

3.) Thor – $19 million

This had a good run

but the thunder god’s reign ends.

He should get hammered.

4.) Fast 5 – $10 million

A successful flick,

meaning we will get lots more,

good news for meatheads.

5.) Priest – $5 million

I won’t see this one.

It just isn’t worth my time,

which isn’t worth much.

On Your Radar: The Scenesters Trailer

This week’s little movie that we’ve got our eyes on is a quirky indie comedy from a small Los Angeles comedy troupe. I found the trailer to be funnier than most full movies these days (outside of Bridesmaids ). No clue when it will get to us, but we’ll keep our eyes out and let you know!

The Trotsky Trailer

This looks like a potentially interesting little flick with elements of romance, a bit of wacky madcap hilarity, and a historical figure who was murdered with an icepick. What’s not to consider. This is our Netflix Roulette entry for the week, so load up the metaphorical gun and press this film to your temple along with us!

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