Once more, you have slogged through a thankless workweek filled with soul-crushing tasks and gut-wrenching obligations. Your reward? A new episode of Movieha, the greatest podcast in the history of podcasts run by guys named Matt and Ryan (NOTE: This fact has not been verified as accurate.) This week’s episode features ANOTHER new segment, a glimpse of our hatred for The Green Lantern, a clown-murdering foreign movie to put on your radar, another dredging of Netflix streaming movie depths, and a discussion about Evangeline Lilly (pictured below because I had an excuse to do so).

Ahhh, that’s better. Now dive on in to what I can say for sure is the best ninth episode we will ever do. And meet me on the other side for the weekly goodies exclusive to this here page!


Box Office Haikus

Here are last week’s results along with my patented formula that reveals my predictive accuracy:

Box Office June 17-19

1.) Green Lantern – $53 million (Accuracy of prediction – 98%)

2.) Super 8 – $21 million (Accuracy of prediction – 90%)

3.) Mr. Popper’s Penguins  – $18 million (Accuracy of prediction – 65%)

4.) X-Men: First Class – $12 million (Accuracy of prediction – 100%)

5.) The Hangover Part II – $10 million (Accuracy of prediction – 0%)

Overall accuracy of prediction – 70.5%

Damn Popper’s Penguins!

And The Hangover II too!

You made me look dumb…

Now, on to this week’s predictions!

Box Office Predictions for June 24-26

1.) Cars 2 – $65 million

NO! Et tu, Pixar?

A money-grubbing sequel?

I thought I knew you…

2.) Green Lantern – $22 million

This is blackest day,

and there’ll be no brightest night.

Evil has the might.

3.) Bad Teacher -$21 million

Cameron Diaz sucks.

It’s a scientific fact.

You just think she’s hot.

4.) Super 8 – $12 million

I saw this one twice.

That’s the highest compliment,

I can give a film.

5.) Mr. Popper’s Penguins – $10 million

I hate you penguins!

Not real ones, the fake ones here.

They ruined my week.

On Your Radar: The Last Circuis Trailer

I think this is increasingly becoming the “tripped out as balls movie that Matt Lockwood wants to see” trailer of the week. I don’t know how you describe this movie, other than how we tried in the podcast. Here it is, in all it’s clown, blood, sex glory.

Netflix Roulette: Agora

When I first read the name of this one, I thought “a whole movie about my favorite type of sweater? Sign me up!” Then I found out it was a historical-based drama. And I was all “EWWW!!! I hate facts! I loathe historical accuracy!” Then I remembered, “Wait a minute…I’m not a member of the TEA PARTY!” Then I got excited. Seriously, though, this is a good director with an interesting concept and a big budget and I never even knew the movie came out. This is either going to be a cool find or an unmitigated disaster. That’s why we call it roulette…

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