December 20

Bocca Lupo Records Showcase w/ Mal Madrigal, Before the Tea & Toast, Kevin Pike & John Kotchian and Orenda Fink

The Waiting Room Lounge, 6212 Maple St.

9 p.m., $7 at the door,

Bocca Lupo Records has evolved from its beginnings as the imprint for Mal Madrigal mastermind Stephen Bartolomei, into a busy, boutique vinyl label. And despite the fact that Bartolomei has taken up residence in New York, the label still keeps pumping out locally-connected releases. The cooperative label will celebrate its latest releases during a holiday season show in Omaha. Orenda Fink kicks off the label’s new seven-inch single series with “New Life”. The single is a new arrangement of a song off of Fink’s self-titled O+S album. It is backed by a new song, “Mighty Mist”. ( The other release is pulse/flow, a full-length album of improvisational jazz by Kevin Pike/John Kotchian. Both releases are vinyl-only, feature hand-screened covers and are limited to 150 copies.

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