• Hopefully far more effective than my “pray the Chicago Bears to the Super Bowl” effort, on February 27 at 7 pm, Film Streams (filmstreams.org) and The Werner Institute will attempt to Pray the Devil Back to Hell. Which is to say they will screen the documentary about the Liberian women who brought peace to their war-torn country and follow it with a discussion that includes various experts in both law and theology. Those fields are surprisingly similar when you consider how often people accused of crimes call upon the Lord to save them.
  • Remember this when it finally happens: I am totally calling the implosion of the Justice League movie now. Not only are there rumors that Warner Bros’ desperate attempt to “chase the cape” of Marvel’s The Avengers is flailing, but there’s also this: WB asked Ben Affleck to direct the film and star as Batman, and he said no. As a general rule, if anyone (children and mentally insane individuals included) asks you to be Batman, you agree. If Affleck rejected, it’s a sign the script is less Batman and more Daredevil.
  • The Mayan’s were wrong. They missed the end of the world by at least two years, as that’s when Night at the Museum 3 is scheduled to arrive. While Ben Stiller has been hastening the oncoming apocalypse for at least a decade with his theatrical choices, it seems as though we can finally pencil in 2014 as the year even The Gods have had it with us.
  • As though there were any doubt, Disney plans on making money on the whole buying Star Wars thing. They announced this week that “spinoff” movies featuring Yoda, Boba Fett and Han Solo were in the works. For what it’s worth, Yoda-ing your Boba Fett while Han Solo used to be something you were ashamed of.

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