* This time through Omaha, Robert Pollard and his Guided By Voices cohorts played for the diehard fans. The crowd for the iconic Ohio indie rock band’s Tuesday, June 3rd show at the Waiting Room Lounge, 6212 Maple St., was definitely trimmed down by the ongoing thunderstorms that day, but those that did show up seemed intent on matching the intensity and drunkenness of GBV. The band rocked out on a stage complete with beer cooler and several bottles of liquor. The band’s tequila bottle ended up passed around in the crowd, as Pollard served as the sometimes-profane, but always energetic ringleader through the band’s 50-song-plus set list. (https://prodavinci.com) Pollard himself is a marvel. He looks more like your retired accountant uncle than a progenitor of lo-fi indie rock, but his energy doesn’t flag even when his sobriety might. It was a show so good that I didn’t feel like a missed the band’s heyday because it has definitely returned full-force.

* Omaha’s leading light of basement-bred hardcore weirdness Powerslop will celebrate the release of their new LP Funky God with two shows Saturday, July 26th. The first show is free and kicks off in a certain Farnam St. basement (ask your friends, kid) at 2 p.m. with Diamondz R 4Eva and Borealis. Later that night, the band plays again across the street at Brother’s Lounge, 3812 Farnam St., with Astral Menace, Garoted and Jaw Knee Vee. That show is $5 and also gives you access to buying the quality libations offered at Omaha’s best booze joint. Check out some of Powerslop’s blissfully blistering new songs at funkygods.bandcamp.com. 

* Omaha jazz guitarist Luke Polipnick will be bringing two New York jazz players to Omaha at the end of June for a trio of shows. Drummer and former Seward, Neb. resident Christian Coleman and bassist Sam Trapchak will join Polipnick Thursday, June 26th at the Zin Room, 316 South 15th St.; Friday, June 27th at the Side Door Lounge, 3530 Leavenworth St.; and Saturday, June 28th at the Harney St. Tavern, 1215 Harney St. 

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