Arish Khan and Mark Sultan are masters of low-brow garage rock and own their unique stylistic tics. Khan is a maestro of translating his simple songs into full soul band excursions with his band King Khan and the Shrines, while Sultan is a prolific song machine, contorting 60s pop in twisted lo-fi rock as BBQ. But there’s a strange, wonderful alchemy that ensues when the two join forces as the King Khan & BBQ Show. The doo-wop colored garage punk is a direct hit of melody, delivered with loose limbs but knowingly precise songcraft. The interplay between the duo’s vocals, BBQ’s simple drum beats and two broke-ass guitars is a rock’n’roll treat. The two just ended a six-year layoff between album’s releasing Bad New Boys earlier this year. There’s still a vibrant heartbeat in the body of garage rock as long as Sultan and Khan are kicking out this stuff. 

Tuesday, March 10

The King Khan & BBQ Show w/Milk Lines, Sucettes

The Slowdown, 729 North 14th Street

9:00 p.m., $15

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