Folk artist Norm Melichar is featured in Connect Gallery’s March exhibit, opening on Wednesday, March 2nd, with a 1950’s-60’s Party/Reception on Wednesday March 11th   5-9pm.  This “Mid-Century Revisited” Party (dress in–the-times attire is optional) will celebrate the clean-lined geometry of the era and its use of metals and plastic in design. 

Using found and re-purposed objects and materials from leather to fabric, metal and packaging gathered from recycles and thrift sales, Melichar promises masks, collages, and innovative design approaches to honor the cache of these decades as well as create a multitude of new and inventive characters to please the eye.

“Frita Pringle,” shown, is a good example.  Melichar describes her as “hair dresser to the stars and life coach extraordinaire.”  As the designated elementary teacher assigned to teach art in Millard for many years, Melichar rediscovered a love for art play and assemblage that he’d enjoyed in childhood. 

He inspired his students to make objects while learning about famous artists and the principles of design.  His philosophy has long been that art should be uplifting and fun, with the goal of sharing the joy he has found in creating beauty from what others throw away as trash—not a bad goal in this consumer-oriented society.

Connect Gallery is at 3901 Leavenworth Street.  Hours: Wed.-Sat, 11-5pm. For more information contact:

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