Food Day Omaha

The 6th annual Food Day Omaha celebration is scheduled for Saturday, October 8th. This year the event will honor several Food Day Heroes, champions of the real-food movement, and those who are working to change food policy in our community. Several food rescue programs, sustainable farming advocates, and locavores are on the list of nominees. This family-friendly event will feature children’s activities, cooking expos, farmer’s market, and food waste and hunger prevention demonstrations. Learn how to become a food day hero every day!

October 8, 

Omaha’s Old Market

Vegan Drinks  

Vegan Omaha and Wilson & Washburn will host Vegan Drinks October 26 at 6pm. The event will be held in the upstairs balcony and feature several craft cocktails and vegan specials. For more information head to

Wilson & Washburn host Vegan Omaha Meetup  

Voodoo Goes Rogue

Omaha’s original Voodoo Taco location is being replaced by Rogue, a craft burger and milkshake shack. Voodoo’s owner Eric Newton plans to spend more time in the kitchen after closing the location. Stick with The Reader for updates on Rogue’s menu and opening date!

Simple Science Juices

Kansas’s local, organic, cold press juice stop Simple Science Juices is preparing to open their first Omaha location. The company will offer healthful juice blends and grab and go meals. Simple Science Juices boasts a menu of cold-pressed, organic juices and snacks to fuel your day the right way. The Reader will update you with location, menu, and opening dates as they become available.  

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