We ain’t no two-bit town, but we’re still lucky buckets to have a nonprofit like Film Streams that champions the power of cinema to serve as a catalyst for personal and communal improvement. That is to say, they do good. Like, lotsa good. So much good, in fact, this whole stinkin’ installment of Cutting Room is about the good they’s doin’.

  • On Tuesday, Jan. 31 at 7 pm, Film Streams is partnering with Darger HQ to present a special screening of Eva Hess at the Ruth Sokolof Theater. The documentary shows Hesse’s vital artistic work, which was all the more impressive given her submersion in an art world in the 1960s dominated by selfimportant dudes. This is different than the current era, in which…nope, everything is still dominated by self-important dudes. After the movie, there will be a panel discussion with local artists and collegiate instructors. That’s right, be warned: Here there be learnin!
  • Got plans for Valentine’s day? Relax! I’m just making conversation, not an offer. Unless you’re interested. Are you? Maybe we can go to the free Valentine’s day screening of Sabrina down at Film Streams? Not that you’re not worth more, baby, but Borsheim’s is sponsoring it, so it costs $0 and we’ll have a chance to win free jewelry. I’d say you can keep it if we win, but what if it’s a sweet pinkie ring? Also, to be clear, this is the classic Billy Wilder Sabrina and not the weird, sad Harrison Ford Sabrina. Sorry I brought up the Harrison Ford Sabrina. I’ll look for someone else to take now.
  • As if free screenings weren’t enough, Film Streams is offering another seminar course, this time on Film/Style. Get yourself an education, yo! Led by Film Streams’ education director, Diana Martinez, this course will help participants explore the collision of sight, sound and artistry that comprise the aesthetics of film. You will be so fancy, you’ll never go back to using 1ply toilet paper again. You can register for the course here, and it costs $125 for nonmembers, $75 for members and $100 for Students/Teachers/Seniors/Military. But for that price, you get snacks, and of the films is Holy Motors. So they could probably charge a few grand for this. Especially if the snacks involve flavored popcorn.
  • Finally, we have new information about what is going down with the Dundee Theater. That building is where I fell in love with movies, and seeing the folks behind Film Streams lovingly turn it into something beautiful is warming my heart after 2016 shrunk and froze it like Sabrina’s Harrison Ford in carbonite. The update includes a discussion of how the renovations will look but also has cool surprises, like the inclusion of a curated collection of film books, Blurays and other stuff for sale (a tribute to the video store that used to be next to the theater) and a 25-seat microcinema, which will allow for even more films to come here that otherwise wouldn’t. It’s been 3 years since the Dundee has been closed, which is just crazy to me. Thankfully, those days are soon coming to an end. Also, it’s not too late for a small, tasteful wing celebrating Omaha’s movie critics. I am ready and willing to sit for a commemorative bust.

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