• I spend more time at Aksarben Cinema than I do at any family member’s home. Honestly, I may be common-law married to the theater at this point, it’s hard to know. And speaking of family and Aksarben Cinema, their Family Fun Series is back! On Monday and Wednesday mornings at the crack of dawn (that’s 10 am, right?), the theater will show all-ages-friendly flicks for just $4, which includes a Junior Combo. They’ll be showing Trolls, The Secret Life of Pets, Rio 2, Penguins of Madagascar, The Peanuts Movie, Home, How to Train Your Dragon 2 and Sing. This is a great way to get the family out of the house during the summer months, so that your dogs can go back to gossiping about what they saw you Googling and your cats can resume advancing humanity’s final downfall.
  • If you haven’t heard by now, Alamo Drafthouse is holding a (now sold-out I believe) women’s-only screening of Wonder Woman. I didn’t like the movie but I still am very glad that (A) this screening exists and (B) dude-bros who are angry that this screening exists continue to get put in their place. From the mayor of Austin declaring his candidacy for president by smacking the taste out of a sexist wang’s mouth to the Drafthouse social accounts pointing out they don’t need to have a “men’s only” screening of anything ever again because they once screened Entourage: The Movie, the sentiment behind the event matters more than the content of the movie shown at it. Also, this is a good space for me to tell you that I hope Wonder Woman does great box office and that the lesson Hollywood learns is to make more movies with women directing and women in the lead. I also hope that all those movies are much better than Wonder Woman actually is, contain zero dick jokes and have more female characters whose agency isn’t reliant on their proximity to a man. Being on the right side of this doesn’t mean you have to actually enjoy the movie in question, you just have to not be a total b-hole and root for women!

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