• In an effort to prove all news these days need not be hot, horrid garbage, Aksarben Cinema is announcing free stuff! On Thursday, Aug. 24 at 8 pm, the theater is hosting a free screening of Austin Found, which stars Linda Cardellini, Kirsten Schaal, Jaime Pressley, Craig Robinson and something called a “Skeet Ulrich.” There’s a pre-party that begins at 7 pm with a post-party next door at Dudley’s Pizza & Tavern. Folks, that’s a party sandwich with movie meat. Register for the event online here, because it will cost you no dollars, which is my favorite price point. Not enough free crap for you? Well howsabout another $0 movie experience?! Save the date for Sept. 18 because Aksarben Cinema is screening Inside You from writer/director Heather Fink. The film is about a couple who switch bodies after an encounter with a magical object. That’s right, this is not a drill, people: We’ve got a Freaky Friday alert! I mean, to be clear, the screening and Q&A with Fink are on a Monday. It’s just feels like Freaky Friday, which is not to be confused with a “Manic Monday” or a WTF Wednesday, which is where you see that it’s only Wednesday and say “WTF?”
  • The Alamo Drafthouse is about to rectify an injustice, as Blade Runner: The Final Cut will finally be shown in theaters. You can pick up tickets here for a chance to see the sci-fi noir classic as director Ridley Scott wanted you to see it. And, for the record, this is the Ridley Scott who made Alien and Gladiator not the Ridley Scott who made the racist bible movie or the one where Cameron Diaz humps a car. I realize that most people think there’s only one Ridley Scott, but I will need proof that he doesn’t have an evil twin capable of things like Robin Hood. Anyway, head to the Drafthouse for a chance to win the 4K Blu-Ray of Blade Runner, which is a ton of Ks.
  • I’ll let you decide: When Film Streams screens No Resolution from director Tim Kasher, who fronts the bands Cursive and The Good Life and will play a brief musical performance, is it a movie with some music or some music with a movie? Either way, on Aug. 31 at 7 pm, you can listen to Kasher’s tunes and watch his movie, which is a relationship movie about a musician and his newly pregnant fiancee. So this is a musician’s movie about a musician? If the musician in the movie makes a movie, this will be a screening of a musician’s movie about a musician who made a movie where the musician who made the movie about the musician who made a movie will play music. Is this meta? Did I do it right?

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