A Hundred Hungry Years

The Junior League of Omaha has recently released A Century of Serving; A Centennial Cookbook Celebration. The book contains over 250 recipes, tips for throwing the perfect party, or simply orchestrating a flawless evening. Proceeds from the book will support the Junior League of Omaha’s training and community initiatives. (Alprazolam) Want to show support, but you’re not into cooking? With artwork by Joshua Foo, you could easily repurpose this piece as a coffee table book.Buy: A Century of Serving; A Centennial Cookbook Celebration by heading to https://www.jlomaha.org/cookbook/

Do You Even Keto, Bro?

If you’ve been looking for inspiration, motivation, or just somewhere to eat on Keto, you’re in luck! Groups have been sprouting up all over the place (See Omaha Area Ketoand Omaha Keto Lunch Club), and even Omaha Steaks has learned to cash in on the deal with new Keto-specific ordering options. Meanwhile bakeries and restaurants have been working hard to create keto-friendly menus. If you’re interested in seeing if Keto is for you, a good stop is Whisk + Measure, which is offering keto pastries for a limited time! If you want to learn more about W+M, see our next issue for an article by The Reader’s newest writer Katy Spratte Joyce, featuring an interview with W+M’s owner!

Closing Time at Two Fine

After 9 years slinging beers, Two Fine Irishmen announced Monday that they will be closing after service on Wednesday. No other information was made available regarding the closure, but multiple sources cite a failure to come to agreeable lease terms. While an Irish wake seems appropriate, the establishment would rather go out with a bang! Get decked out and show up for a final Halloween rave to put the Irishmen in the grave!

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