It won’t actually kill snowmen, but the new Alamo Midtown mural conjures warm summer nights. Photo credit: Alamo Midtown.
  • This is a bit “last month,” but as we enter what promises to be the barren tundra of a climate crisis-powered winter, you’ll forgive me for wanting a bit of warmth. Alamo Drafthouse Midtown recently unveiled their lovely new mural from Omaha artist Watie White that depicts the Monday night movies held in Turner Park. You remember when people actually enjoyed being outside, right? Like, a time when they would go out there because they wanted to and not from the sheer necessity of not wanting dogs to do their business in the house? White’s work nicely encapsulates the communal experience of filmgoing and adds a vibrant splash of color and life to the concrete surroundings. It’s a nice nod to everything great about watching movies in Omaha, other than the fact that it’s happening outside.
  • The first Frozen and its “Let It Go” united parents around the globe in the shared agony of children demanding their ears be injected with that audio heroin. Aksarben Cinema and Angels Among Us are at least using Frozen 2 to do some real good. On Sunday, December 8 at 9 a.m., which is far too early for we childless to do anything with other human beings, the theater and organization are holding a fundraiser that will feature Santa, breakfast food, face painting, balloon animals and a chance to see either Frozen 2 or A Beautiful Day to Remember. Tickets to the event are $20 and will help Angels Among Us with their mission of providing support to families dealing with pediatric cancer. For a cause that good, I would do a karaoke rendition of “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” or, to raise even more money, I would promise not to do that to everyone.
  • In decidedly less local news, as we knew eventually would be the case, they’re going to remake/reboot/continue the Scream Honestly, I don’t hate it. I recently rewatched the first two films, and they… absolutely do not hold up at all. However, they do serve as a deliciously painful snapshot of that era, including Timothy Olyphant looking like he stumbled in on his way to audition for an MTV reality show. Were they to turn this new resurrection into a commentary on remakes/reboots/continuations that also works as a killer horror movie, it could be one of the few remakes/reboots/continuations that truly justifies its own existence. They should also call it Yodel.
  • Finally, I have largely stayed out of the hubbub surrounding non-youth Martin Scorsese crapping on Marvel movies. This isn’t because I don’t think he’s totally wrong but because of how painfully obvious it is that he’s totally wrong. Just like Steven Spielberg and Christopher Nolan yelling at clouds of streaming services, the rancor of old white dudes who feel like their definition of art is the only one is so wholly gross and ignorant that it deserves little more than the fourth blurb in a monthly column. Folks who hold such positions are never going to change them, so the only way to move on from that mentality is to treat it like the worthless drivel it is and ignore it. At least Marvel had a woman as a lead in one of their movies once, Marty.

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