Kros Promotion

Visit Kros Strain Brewing Company on Saturday, December 21 from 5pm to 8pm for a taste of Sweet Rice Thai Food. The truck formerly known as Sweet Lime Thai will be slinging the spicy, the sweet, and the saucy and you can wash it all down with a Kros Strain IPA. Located at 10411 Portal Rd STE 102.


For the Rest of Us

Swartz’s Deli at 8718 Pacific will host a Jewish Christmas Party on Tuesday, December 24 from 5pm-8pm. Tickets for the event range from $45 to $65, and will include corned beef eggrolls, smoked salmon Rangoon, pastrami fried rice, corned beef and broccoli, and sweet and sour matzo ball soup. Seating is limited, so reserve your place by purchasing tickets Here

Everyone Loves a Gift You Can Eat

Remember that people walking around with assorted gift cards in their pocket are 98% less likely to be embarrassed by one-sided giving. Stop in to your locally-owned and sourced area restaurants and keep a handful of gift cards in your pocket for the teacher gift you forgot to buy, the sister in law who doesn’t like you and only bought you a gift to make you look bad, and your spouse, who maybe bought you something wonderful and maybe bought you something terrible and you need something to possibly balance it out last second.


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