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No Charges in Killing of Protester Saturday Night

On Friday night, the first of the weekend’s protests began at 72nd and Dodge streets where police used tear gas and pepper bullets to quell more than 1,000 protesters.

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Today we have stories about the decision not to charge a downtown bar owner in the death of 22-year-old Jake Scurlock, the fourth day of protests in Omaha and a Tyson Foods plant in Dakota City officially releases its number of employees infected with COVID-19.

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What to do during quarantine?

From our list of things to do during quarantine:

Support Artists and Venues

Buy merch online or gift cards to use later; it helps your favorite venues pay bills and help employees. Hit your favorite artists’ websites and purchase a CD or T-shirt. Lincoln’s historic Zoo Bar has stocked the online merch store: look for their “Buy Merch” button on ZooBar.com. (Bonus: They’ve posted videos of some of their iconic past shows!)

What’s Happening In The United States?

Trump Orders Protesters Gassed So He Can Have A Photo Op

  • Just before the 7 p.m. curfew in Washington, D.C., law enforcement sent flash bangs and tear gas into a crowd of peaceful protesters outside the gates of the White House. President Donald Trump then took an picture in front of a church nearby, a photo that officials at the church have harshly criticized.

How Does This End? Nations Leaders Struggle To Mend Racial Rifts

  • Following more instances of police brutality, and now the use of teargas and rubber bullets against protesters, local, state and federal leaders grapple with how to settle the anger that’s erupted in the past week.

Independent Autopsy: George Floyd Death a Homicide by Asphyxiation

  • A private autopsy conducted by doctors hired by the Floyd family determined Floyd died because police officers cut off his ability to breathe. The Hennepin County medical examiner also ruled it a homicide but differed on the reasons that led to Floyd’s death.

Inside Trump’s Scattered Response to National Protests

  • As Trump and his team tried to address the broadest protests for racial justice in more than half a century, their tactics ranged from aggressive to passive.

What’s Happening Across The World?

Six Months of The Coronavirus: What We’ve Learned So Far

  • After half a year under COVID-19, our understanding of the virus has accelerated rapidly, but there’s still much we don’t know.

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