As many of you know, 2020 has not been the year we thought it would turn out to be. I don’t think anyone could’ve predicted the effect the pandemic would have on our world, and we still have months to go. (Fingers crossed we make it to 2021 and beyond.)


As many Omahans know, the city comes alive during the spring/summer months — I actually find myself scheduling vacations during the winter months so I can plan to be in Omaha and enjoy all our city has to offer during the summer. I personally look forward to the College World Series, free outdoor concerts and frequenting an array of bars with patios around the city.

There is nothing like chillaxin’ on an outdoor patio with friends as the sun sets, all the while sipping some delicious cocktails — I am telling you, it’s the simple life.The 2020 pandemic basically put the kibosh on the CWS and the outdoor concerts and has forced many of us to practice our impromptu at-home bartending skills.

With almost all bars now back open and practicing the safety and health measures set in place, you might still feel uneasy about going out and actually visiting your favorite pub or bar; that’s OK. The CDC (Center for Disease Control & Prevention) says there is a lower chance of spreading the coronavirus outdoors while maintaining 6-foot social distance and wearing face mask coverings.

Bars in and around the metro area have measures in place to allow patrons to visit while safely sitting 6 feet apart. I am here to give you my picks of the best patio bars where you can safely social distance, all while embracing the rest of your summer revelry.

1. Rathskellar Bier Haus (4524 Farnam St, Omaha, NE 68132)

Rathskeller’s whopping 3500 sq.ft. patio


Rathskeller stage and seating

Located in the old Caffeine Dreams and situated in the Blackstone District, Rathskellar serves up good ole’ German beers as well as traditional Bavarian food. Did I mention that their patio has wide open space, about 3,500 square feet? Not only does their patio have tons of space and plenty of safely separated benches and seating, it also has a raised stage area which functions as additional seating for people when not being used for live music acts. The patio also hosts a full service back bar, with tents and ambient lighting to really give you that picturesque patio feel. Rathskellar is at the top of my list because they serve great drinks and their patio is beautiful. I feel safe going there, it’s spacious and you can also bring your K9 companion. Check out their Facebook for special events, specials on drinks or to book their patio for private events.


2. Addy’s Sports Bar & Grill (101 N 10th St. Omaha, NE 68102)

Addy’s downtown location boasts a 3,000 sq.ft. patio
Addy’s 10th Street location
Gather ’round the fire pit at Addy’s

Addy’s is not new to Omaha, with three other locations in West O., but its new 10th Street brick and mortar location will definitely make its mark on the urban downtown district. The patio is 3,000 square feet, featuring a wrap-around bar which connects to the restaurant inside. It boasts three fire pits, one of which is available to rent for private parties. Addy’s patio is partly covered, allowing patrons the option of basking in the sun or enjoying the shade.There’s also a nice view of the downtown skyline adding to the urban jungle feel. Addy’s offers its visitors more drink specials than any other patio bar during the week and even on the weekend. Check out the full list online at


3. O’Leaver’s Pub (1322 Saddle Creek Rd, Omaha, NE 68106)

O’Leavers Pub, a midtown “hidden gem”
O’Leaver’s lux patio

O’Leaver’s is an Omaha staple. Not only do they have a massive volleyball court set with its own bar, O’Leaver’s back patio is kind of a hidden gem, hosting a full bar on the weekends. Besides the communal seating, O’Leaver’s has spaced out and blocked off areas in order to allow their patio to be used safely by their patrons. Guests visiting the bar can always enjoy their drinks on their patio. And the most expensive brew or booze of your choosing costs no more than $9.00, so you really can’t go wrong at O’Leaver’s.


Remember to have fun, drink responsibly, tip your bartenders and stay healthy. For the full list of best patio bars of 2020 check out our list on The under The Buzz and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for updates @thebuzz_thereader. Message us your favorite bar suggestions, which could be featured in The Buzz.



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