For the full interview (recorded 10/26/20), listen to Mind and Soul in the Morning.

I cannot lose because my campaign has given me an opportunity to talk on the debate stage of the U.S. Senate about change and reform and policing policy, said Senate candidate Preston Love Jr. in an interview on Oct. 26 with Mind and Soul in the Morning. 

Love is running with the endorsement of the Nebraska Democratic Party as a write-in candidate against Republican incumbent Ben Sasse. Chris Janicek won the Democratic primary and will remain on the ballot, but after sexually inappropriate messages he sent to his campaign staffer surfaced, state Democrats pulled their endorsement. 

“We’ve got some serious, intense, year-round voter education we must do,” said Love. “People meant well, they wanted to vote for me and they just didn’t understand it.”

Running as a write-in candidate has made him more aware of the work needed to increase political literacy in his community, said Love. In order to vote for him, you only need to write Love’s name on the line below the options for Sasse and Janicek.

“If my candidacy inspires some of our community to go get out and vote, then our vote can go make a difference in so many different races,” said Love, “The black vote can maybe change history this year.”

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