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Revisit Our Story: The Fight to Change Social Studies in Nebraska

The way Nebraskans learn about history and social issues is outdated. That’s what sources told The Reader earlier this year. Now critical race theory has become a national conversation, but what do the students think?
Read our cover story from March to find out.

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Happy National Take Your Dog to Work Day!

Today’s news wants to know who’s a good boy: The Delta COVID-19 variant is popping up more in Douglas County on its way to becoming a dominant strain, Gov. Pete Ricketts’ commission on African American issues receives criticism for supposed conservative bias, and with $400 million on the line to revitalize downtown Omaha some start to ask, “What do we get out of this?”

~ Harper’s Index Facts of The Day ~

  1. Percentage by which streaming video in standard rather than high definition reduces its carbon footprint: 86
  2. By which turning off the camera during a Zoom call reduces its carbon footprint: 96

Source: Renee Obringer, Purdue University (West Lafayette, IN)

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Omaha Farmers Market Guide

Benson Soap Mill
(402) 212-9379
Saturdays at Old Market | Sundays at Baxter Arena

Benson Soap Mill has tasked itself with cleaning Omaha from the bottom up. This business is determined to transform natural and discarded products into something unique and enjoyable, in the form of soap.

In the face of environmental damage, Benson Soap Mill uses a sustainable approach to making beauty products, a model that will hopefully inspire other businesses to follow suit. Plus, the company’s products are highly affordable.

Benson Soap Mill will be at both Omaha Farmers Market locations each weekend. For more information about which stories carry its products, check out the website, linked above.

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