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Behind the Brick Wall:
A Look Into the Bohemian Gardens

On Saturday, July 17, curious Omahans finally got to crack open the brick
wall on 13th Street and see what lays hidden behind the façade.

Story by Emma Schartz. Published in The Reader.

Reed Moore’s Daily Rundown

Happy Hot Enough for Ya Day

Today’s news knows it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity: The state comes up against a predicted $101.6 million budget shortfall, Metro Transit might put in an ORBT bus rapid transit line at 24th Street, and NOISE Omaha secures press credentials from the Nebraska Governor’s Office more than a month after submitting applications.

~ Harper’s Index Fact of The Day ~

  1. Estimated percentage by which the UberX service has increased binge drinking among Americans aged 21 to 34: 10

Source: Conor Lennon, University of Louisville (KY)

Around Omaha

  • Metro Transit considers putting in an ORBT bus rapid transit line at 24th Street.
  • Our Omaha, a local advocacy group, protests the city’s new Juvenile Justice Center.
  • Millard Public Schools holds its first girls wrestling camp today, following the Nebraska School Activities Association’s sanctioning of girls wrestling as a high school sport.
  • NOISE Omaha, a nonprofit news outlet based in North Omaha, receives press credentials from the Nebraska Governor’s Office over a month after submitting applications.
  • Post-storm tree debris collection will now continue through Friday, June 30.
  • On July 29, NOISE Omaha will host a virtual roundtable on critical race theory, featuring local activists Ja Keen Fox and Bear Alexander, in addition to Shee Covarrubias and University of Nebraska Omaha professor Dr. Kerry-Ann Escayg.
  • Chad McMahon, founder and former owner of The Good Life Sports Bar & Grill, is in jail.

Around Nebraska

Reed Moore’s Things To Do

Because dogs deserve to be treated, too.
Photo credit: Dogalicious Treats (@NEDogaliciousTreats) Facebook

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Omaha Farmers Market Guide

~ Dogalicious Dog Treats ~

  • (402) 699-1468
  • Saturdays at Old Market

Since 1997, Dogalicious Dog Treats has treated Omaha’s four-legged friends to healthy and all-natural snacks that are as delicious as they are fun to enjoy. If you’re a dog owner and care about what goes into your dog’s body, this Saturday Old Market vendor is for you. Dogalicious’ regular-size snacks come in five unique flavors for hungry pups: Peanut Butter & Honey, Molasses & Oat, Pumpkin, Carrot & Oat and Apple Cinnamon & Oat.

Note that these snacks do include wheat. And if you’re looking to purchase a large or jumbo-size order of anything except for Peanut Butter & Honey, you must give the good folks at Dogalicious a week’s notice before showing up at the Farmers Market. (https://mundonow.com)

Omaha Farmers Market Guide written by Matt Casas. Published in The Reader. Mark McGaugh’s Discover North O! guide will return on Monday!

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