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Photo Collection: Community Fills the Streets for Native Omaha Days 2021

Reporter Chris Bowling walked up and down the parade route as it traveled
along on North 30th Street, capturing the energy of the event via photography.

Check out Chris’ candids from Saturday’s celebration.

Published in The Reader.

Reed Moore’s Daily Rundown

Happy National Black Women’s Equal Pay Day

Today’s news supports those fighting to make this reality: The state sees a surge in coronavirus cases and hospitalizations, a UNL senior will intern at Variety magazine, and read about Delta-8 THC (the cannabis compound, not the COVID-19 variant) in Nebraska.

Around Omaha

  • As Nebraska experiences an uptick in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations, Dr. James Lawler with UNMC’s Global Center for Health Security says, “People should prepare for a really severe wave [of COVID-19] that’s probably going to be worse than what we experienced in the fall.” .  
  • Westside Community Schools will mandate face masks for students in pre-K through sixth grade. Some parents wish Omaha Public Schools would do the same.
  • Now that TestNebraska has stopped, here’s how to get a coronavirus test.
  • Read about the life of Omahan Bill “Butch” Keck, who dedicated his life to helping Nebraskans get and stay sober.
  • Thanks to the National Weather Service, your smartphone will alert you the next time a dangerous storm — like Omaha’s July 10 windstorm — wreaks havoc.
  • 91.5 KIOS-FM/Nebraska Public Radio: Tom Knoblauch of Riverside Chats sits down with Dakota Smith (also known as Bobo Jiggs) to discuss his photography installation, which will be showcased at the next Benson First Friday.

Around Nebraska

  • Learn about Delta-8 THC — a cannabis compound commonly taken for sleep, anxiety and pain management — and conversations surrounding its regulation and sale in Nebraska.
  • Jennifer Yuma, a senior journalism and broadcasting major at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, lands an internship at Variety.
  • Nebraska’s neighbor: According to Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds, unvaccinated immigrants from the southern border are contributing to a rise in COVID-19 cases. Community members say she’s scapegoating.
  • Democratic state Sen. Carol Blood might run for governor in 2022.

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Reporter Anton Johnson is sitting in on this morning’s meeting of the Douglas County Board of Commissioners, in addition to the Omaha City Council’s public hearing on the proposed 2022 city budget at 6:30 p.m. Follow Anton at @AntonIsWriting for live tweets, and to catch up on important items from today’s agendas.

Reed Moore’s Things To Do

Being Single in Omaha Guide

Attend a concert or an open mic night ~

In pre-pandemic Omaha, you could count on live and local music almost daily. Now shows, including open mics, are returning to the city. All you single cats will have ample opportunity to horse around at a venue you’ve always loved, or that is new to you. Go alone and make new friends, or go with friends; either way, it will be a good time. How many songs are about finding love or a friend at a concert? Too many.

Anyone living in this town won’t have to look far to find a venue. Check out long-established open mics like those at The Down Under Lounge (hosted on Wednesdays) or open mics that are newer, such as Emmet’s Tavern on Thursdays. And visit The Reader‘s event calendar to stay up to date on local shows.

On Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays through Aug. 24, Reed Moore will feature one item each day from Matt Casas’ Being Single in Omaha Guide.

Find more local guides on our Things To Do page.

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