Culprit Cafe

Beignet and Lox fans were met with chained doors at Culprit Cafe this week, and the realization that the coffee and sweets shop had suddenly and permanently closed all three locations.
1603 Farnam
3201 Farnam
1911 S 67th (Inner Rail)
Owner Luke Mabie has made no public comment on the closure, and both the owner’s the establishment’s socials have been taken down, save a lone Instagram with comments disabled.

While rumors fly about the cause of the closure, it’s part of an eerie trend in recent months of wildly popular establishments making the very tough decision to say goodbye to their staff and loyal patrons. Hunger Block, Joe Tess, and Lo Sole Mio have all made the call, and if you choose to continue reading, the news isn’t about to get any sunnier today.


In an email sent to Dario’s customers, Schicke announced the impending closure of the Dundee Bistro this fall. “We have decided not to renew our lease and focus our attention on our other restaurant Avoli Osteria.” After 16 years, Dario’s will be going out with a bang, and with plenty of notice. Staff and customers have until early October to come in and make more memories at the cozy spot at 4920 Underwood Ave. The establishment has never failed to provide a world-class experience to diners, and there are still great times and amazing meals to be had before we say goodbye.

Garden Cafe

In a post on Facebook made last week, The Garden Cafe announced the impending closure of the last remaining GC in Rockbrook Village. The owner cited supply chain issues, staffing setbacks, and rising costs as the reason for the permanent closure at the end of this month. Drink specials were announced as staff sees the establishment through its final days.

The Switch

The Switch Beer and Food Hall marked their final day of service this Sunday, June 26th. As previously mentioned, the Blackstone site will reopen under new ownership, with a new concept (Kamp), and with new vendors later this fall. Continue supporting the Food Hall’s former occupants like Dirty Birds (who will open at Flatiron) Little Ve’s, Roast, and El Arepon as they continue to seek new accommodations.

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