Ceramic handprint by Lydia Cheshewalla, an Osage artist living and working in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

(Face masks are required).

A two-person exhibition between Oklahoma artist Lydia Cheshewalla and Omaha-based Sarah Rowe, “GROUNDING” presents ethically sourced soil pigments inside the white cube gallery as a medium to produce body-prints. Using land as a metaphor for the body, and the earth as an archive, the exhibition touches on the earth’s capacity to record impressions of lineage and ancestral history.

Both Rowe and Cheshewalla are from overlapping Plains Nations, sharing a kinship through their respective Lakota and Dakota lineages, and Pona and Osage Nations. GROUNDING touches on the shared experience of forced removal across distances.

GROUNDING opens on July 8th at the Generator Space, with a reception from 6pm-9pm. The exhibition runs through August 19. Located on 950 South 10th Street, #15, the Generator Space has regular gallery hours on Thursdays and Fridays 1pm – 5pm or by appointment. For more information, visit Amplify Arts’ website: https://www.amplifyarts.org/happenings-events/grounding

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