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Today’s Highlights:

  • The Reader has the rundown of what’s happening on 4/20.
  • Voting on the Westside school bond measure is coming up.
  • Nebraska could receive more federal money for rural broadband.

Things to Do in Omaha on 4/20

Celebrate the ole jazz cabbage on this federally unrecognized holiday.

By Matt Casas. Published in The Reader.


Around Omaha

The deadline to register to vote on the Westside school bond measure is Friday, April 21.

National Volunteer Week runs through Saturday, April 22. Check out this guide from KETV to look at volunteering opportunities across the metro.

Fremont’s library board votes to move a book focused on LGBTQ+ issues to the adult section following requests that it be removed from circulation. The City Council could override the decision.

Upcoming Events

Be sure to get the updated booster shot before heading to any of these events.

Around Nebraska

A Gage County commissioner discovers oversights by the federal government that may help Nebraska receive more money for rural broadband.

Gov. Jim Pillen extends the burn ban to April 23.


  • In her ongoing filibuster, Sen. Machaela Cavanaugh touches on the state keeping $130 million instead of paying it to needy families, her child’s relationship with broccoli and her hosta plants.
  • Sen. Tom Brewer’s bill to establish a video archive of legislative proceedings gets unanimous first-round approval.
  • On the 63rd day of the session, lawmakers give their first third-round approval to a bill creating a brand registration for the state’s liquor board.

Local Government

The City Council and Board of County Commissioners are meeting today, April 18, and local government reporter Anton Johnson is sitting in. Follow Anton on Twitter for live tweets from the City Council, and read his preview of what’s on tap this weekTune in to the Omaha City Council beginning at 2 p.m.

Fact of the Day

From Harper’s Index

Portion of U.S. workers who describe their
workplace as at least somewhat “toxic”: 1/5

Source: American Psychological Association (Washington)


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