Worried you missed your chance to visit a spring cleanup site near you for a safe and efficient haul-away? Not only do we have a bit of spring left yet, but there are two more locally organized cleanup dates, set this weekend and the next.

Don’t go bringing into June what you should have left behind in May! Ditch or recycle those unwanted bulky items safely using this Omaha Spring Cleanup Guide.

Before you try to get rid of everything and the kitchen sink, ensure that the cleanup site you are planning to visit accepts it. Found on Unsplash

What To Bring

Spring cleanups are mostly straightforward ways for you to throw away whatever you can’t legally set on the curb for trash day. However, some items are acceptable while others are not.

If you have bulky or potentially toxic items you need to dispose of, skip to the end of the guide for “More Resources.” You will find specific locations to drop off seasonal yard waste, glass, and household chemicals such as old paint cans or cleaning products.

But even though the cleanup site is meant to provide convenience, keep in mind that you are required to transport and unload your hauls. If it makes sense and is possible, try to bring a buddy who can help you lift and move your items.

Finally, to keep your city cleaner and healthier all year round, go to Keep Omaha Beautiful to find great programs, events, education, and volunteering opportunities. Every little bit helps!

Two distinct locations are provided for disposing of tires and appliances. Found on Facebook page

May 13 — Northwest Omaha Spring Cleanup

The second-to-last Omaha spring cleanup will take place in Northwest Omaha on May 13 across 12 different local community areas. These locations are listed below.

Note that Lee Valley Neighborhood Association (using the Lee Valley Park location) will accept appliances that need disposal. This is your chance to safely throw away objects like your towering old refrigerator or your brawny, broken washer or dryer. Hillsborough Neighborhood Association (at Hillsborough Park) will take your excess tires.

Take your yardwaste to the City of Omaha Joint Use Maintenance Facility at 5225 Dayton St. Found on Facebook page

May 20 — Central Omaha Spring Cleanup

The Central Omaha area meetup on May 20 is the final chance for you to attend a spring cleanup in Omaha until the fall time. The locations are listed below.

The Conestoga Place Homeowners Association will host the appliance collection site at Conestoga Elementary, so you can drop off those hefty analog or electric household appliances left behind from an old move one spring. Meanwhile, the Metcalfe-Harrison Neighborhood Association will collect your wayward tires.

More Resources

The good news is that you are not time-pressed to visit these sites, though one location does require appointments. Found on Unsplash

Recycle yard waste and chemicals

Unfortunately, you must make separate stops if you wish to dispose of yard waste or harmful chemicals this spring. They are not associated with the Omaha Spring Cleanup but are independent locations that can help you regardless.

Oma-Gro Composting is open from Monday through Friday. The location makes it convenient for you to recycle your yard waste throughout the week before, during, and after spring. Confirm that your materials are eligible beforehand and check with the front office before unloading.

Household hazardous waste and chemicals are trickier to recycle due to their dangerous pollutant qualities. You cannot take them to regular cleanup sites, but Under the Sink—your best bet—is only open Wednesday through Friday and requires an appointment ahead of time, so plan accordingly.

Read on to find all eight official recycling stations that let you recycle glass. Found at Unsplash

Locations for recycling glass in Omaha

The two designated glass-only locations are for recycling glass items like jars and bottles, which you cannot recycle through normal means. Well, unless you are a glass artist.

However, please remember to separate these glass items (they go in the purple bin) from the rest if you bring the more commonly accepted recyclables (they go in the green bin) to a location that isn’t glass-only. 

Keep Omaha Beautiful recently led in celebrating the 150th Arbor Day, a national holiday that originated in Nebraska City during the 1870s. Found on Facebook page

Find more ways to Keep Omaha Beautiful

If you want to find more ways to become a steward of nature, the environmental nonprofit organization Keep Omaha Beautiful offers date-specific and everyday volunteer opportunities at beloved and undiscovered gem locations alike. Complete a form to volunteer online for Litter CleanupAdopt-a-SpotOnly Rain Down the Storm DrainCommunity Litter Cleanup Events, and Trees for Omaha.

  • Litter Cleanups: KOB provides equipment and usually organizes small to midsize cleanup events.
  • Adopt-a-Spot if you want to commit to taking care of a specific outdoor location for one year, one monthly cleanup at a time.
  • Only Rain Down the Storm Drain: help educate the public about proper storm drain etiquette.
  • Community Litter Cleanup Events: look online for specific events.
  • Trees for Omaha: donate or volunteer in this initiative to make the city a greener, shadier place.

Become familiar with the volunteer safety protocol first, though.

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