The public spoke and, after thinking about it, the Big 10 didn’t listen. Conference officials announced last week that the league would keep its universally panned division names of Leaders and Legends for at least the 2011 season. League commissioner Jim Delany decided to review the decision back in December and there was legitimate hope that maybe the conference would adopt something normal. Apparently Delany didn’t read the Internet, where coming up with more ridiculous sounding names became a bit of a sports blog parlor game. SEC fans have always poked fun at the Big 10 as a stodgy, out of touch conference, but now everyone’s piling on. As the newcomers here, I’m not sure how we’re supposed to defend ourselves when Nebraska plays in the Legends conference. Technically it’s flattering, but it doesn’t sound all that hip. –With Brazil set to host the 2014 World Cup and Russia and Qatar buying — excuse me, winning — the right to host the tournament in 2018 and 2022, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this Friday will be the only chance to see a World Cup squad in Omaha in our lifetimes. The Omaha Vipers will take on members of the 1994 World Cup team in an exhibition match Jan. 21 in what, I think, will be the most fascinating sporting event of the year. So many questions here. Did Alexi Lalas’ powers truly reside in his red goatee? Can these guys still play? Why are they still playing? Does Tony Meola still have a ponytail? Will current Creighton assistant coach Johnny Torres rip them apart? Answers, along with tickets, start at just $9 and are available at –I’m glad the Omaha Nighthawks listened to my Twitter suggestion and swiped former AmeriTrade CEO Joe Moglia from the Virginia Destroyers and installed him as coach here. It will be like watching a live human interest story unfold. CEO turned- coach-navigates from the boardroom to the locker room and finally gets the shot to prove his ability in big time football. And, since you asked, if I were to illustrate said human interest story I’d go with a shot from the knees down of Moglia in old-time, Knute Rockne football pants and socks, with wingtips on the grass. Magic.

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