April 17-May 11

The Battle of Battles

Shelterbelt Theatre

3225 California St. Omaha

Tickets: $10-15

Machiavelli maneuvers Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo into a competition so that his populace, sick of war, will find solace in the new beauty characteristic of their time. Could it work?  asks Omaha playwright Joe Basque in his world-premiering play The Battle of Battles. Shelterbelt Theatre brings it into perspective as it also did with his writing about contemporary history in 2005’s Ping Pong Diplomacy. That went on to score points off-Broadway. The next year Shelterbelt produced Basque’s Defending Marriage concerning gay people vowing to love, honor and cherish. Basque has been keeping body and soul together by practicing law. Witness his next endeavor.

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