November 2021, Photographer Bayani Seldera

“City View seems like fiction, as if it came out of a comic book. The less than stellar reputation combined with gaudy signage makes me feel like I’m looking at something from my childhood.

This piece is a visual comparison to that fictitious attitude.” — Photographer Bayani Seldera

Instagram: @SartorialRamblings


October 2021, Photographer Naomi Delkamiller

A week after the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity became the subject of a sexual assault investigation, almost every Greek house at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln raised a banner in support of sexual assault survivors.

On Aug. 30, students walked to class with the words “kNOw more” scattered throughout campus.kNOw more” is a student-run organization on campus dedicated to raising awareness of and fighting against rape culture on college campuses. The investigation against Phi Gamma Delta is still ongoing.

Photo by Naomi Delkamiller

Socials: Instagram @nrddigital website

September 2021, Photographer Duane Vosika

Norsefyre fire arts troupe member Megan Garcia performs acrofire at the first annual Gothicon.

Norsefyre is a group of professional event performers who perform a unique blend of circus, fire breathing and acrobatics at local concerts and special events. The inaugural Gothicon event was a gathering of goth and Comicon enthusiasts, held at Haunted Hollow on August 7, 2021.

Photo by Duane Vosika, @sixhexsix on Instagram and Facebook,

August 2021, Photographer Mike Machian

“I’ve been shooting lighting for over 10 years and combining multiple strikes into one photo for just a year. This is only the fourth composite I’ve done, but this has been the most memorable of any I’ve shot. For one, we lost power right at the beginning of the storm. So instead of all the street lights of South Omaha you just see a dark outline. Secondly, the blueish lightning and fierce winds actually had me nervous for the first time ever. It wasn’t until I walked around the next day that I saw what went down.”

Photographer Mike Machian. Follow @shoottofill on Instagram, contact at

July 2021, Photographer Mike Machian

June 12, 2021 Omaha’s 100th annual Cinco de Mayo Parade was finally held in June after being postponed for 13 and a half months because of the pandemic.

Despite a smaller crowd and a few masks, the perfect weather and enthusiastic participants made everything feel normal again. This equestrian carried her chihuahua with her as she rode in the parade. Afterwards, she let the crowds pet her horse, but the tiny dog may have stolen the show.

Photo by Mike Machian. Follow @shoottofill on Instagram, contact at

June 2021, Photographer Alina Lopez

The thrill of victory for Omaha South

May 19, 2021 — Omaha South’s boys soccer team celebrates a hard-fought overtime leading to a thrilling PK shootout victory over Lincoln Southwest. The win marked the school’s second consecutive title and fourth championship in school history.

Photo by Alina Lopez

Instagram: @glamourup.alina


May 2021, Photographer Mike Machian

March 26, 2021 — Kate Voka of Develop Model Management wears an avant-garde design by Dan Richters at a small gathering promoting Omaha Fashion Week. The event also launched the new Garden Room at 15th and Capitol and previewed a new cross-shaped runway. Photo by Mike Machian. Follow @shoottofill on Instagram, contact at

April 2021, Photographer Sam Foo

“This photo was taken in Tokyo, Japan. I was visiting with Chefs Kane Adkisson of Kano and David Utterback of Yoshitomo working on projects for the two of them with my brother. The city was loud but peaceful, the buildings seem to reach the sky but are surrounded by natural landscapes. There is a rhythm to the streets from busy footsteps and the ambient noise of traffic, like well composed music it fills your ears beckoning you to listen and join in. The fragrance of food in the air tempts you to stay there forever and continues to call me back like a singing siren.” — Photographer Sam Foo

March 2021, Photographer Duane Vosika

Feb. 15, 2021 Frozen waterfall on the Papio Creek, La Vista. Duane Vosika @sixhexsix , DV Captures on FB.

February 2021, Photographer Duane Vosika

Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge, Sunrise Jan 13, 2021, Duane Vosika @sixhexsix on Instagram and YouTube, DV Captures on FB.

January 2021, Photographer Eric Francis

Dr. Ross Davidson, UNMC, Photo by Eric Francis, @covidchronicles402

“I am one of the lucky ones. My family and loved ones are, and have been, healthy. There have been scares. I have had exposures, my wife has had symptoms. We wore masks around our children for days while awaiting test results. We watched our 2 month old stop smiling because he could not see our smiles. We both tested negative, and moved on.”

December 2020, Photographer Eric Francis

Hunter, Omaha. Photo by Eric Francis Photography, @covidchronicles402

This year was our year, my last ride with my best friends in the world, and it was stolen from us. It is absolutely heart wrenching to watch all these teams play every Friday night when I didn’t even get the chance. I never would have imagined in a million years that I wouldn’t be able to play my senior football season. I’ve looked forward to it since I was eight years old. The feeling of loss is indescribable.”        

November 2020, Photographer Bernardo Montoya

Dia de Los Muertos, November 2020. Photo by Bernardo Montoya

October 2020, Photographer Mike Machian

Models preparing for Omaha Fashion Week, August 2020. Photo by Mike Machian

September 2020, Photo by Andre Sessions

Omaha Protests, Summer 2020, Photo by Andre Sessions

August 2020, Photo by Mike Machian

South Omaha Gardener, Photo by Mike Machian

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