Catherine Ferguson - "One Man Band No 10" - 30x24
Catherine Ferguson – “One Man Band No 10” – 30×24

The title of the above art exhibit, a variation on the now familiar virtual art experience, says it all.

Modern Arts Midtown’s response to COVID-19, whose risks and anxiety have plagued and challenged Metro’s normal exhibition schedule since Spring is a Joyous Occasion, an interactive video featuring three artists presenting their new work.

Barbara Kendrick – “Dorothea Whippet” – 22×18

Joyous Occasion premiers artists Catherine Ferguson, Barbara Kendrick and Chris Cassimatis on MAM’s Facebook page September 4, at 7 p.m. On display are: 14 surreal and fanciful works on paper by accomplished artist and educator, Barbara Kendrick; a new One Man Band series on paper accompanied by wall-hung wire sculpture by mixed media artist Catherine Ferguson; and 10 painting on paper and canvas by sculptor Chris Cassimatis that reflector upon his prior stone forms.

While art venues have been opening gradually this past summer as they explore various safe, satisfying and sane means for bringing viewers and artists together, Joyous Occasion is MAM’s version of going live and in color said spokesperson Logan Roots.

Chris Cassimatis – “The Buoyancy of Shapes” – 48×36

“We plan to edit a short film of new works with an introduction to those works by the artist,” Roots said. “This video will be edited ahead of time and premiered on our Facebook page via “Facebook Premiere” which functions much like facebook live video, with a lobby and live comments, of which I will be on the backend to respond. After the premiere, the video converts to a regular video post and will still be available for viewing.”

In addition, Joyous Occasion’s premiere will initiate a 60 day opportunity to view the exhibition at the gallery by appointment, Tuesday – Saturday 11-6. For gallery appointments email or call at (402) 502-8737.







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