Lew Lunbeck“Shintoad” 2022, soft vinyl, 5 in.

Why aren’t “toys” more represented in contemporary art? Petshop, and curator Lew Lunbeck, have set out to correct this oversight with their July exhibit, “Fist Fulla Toys.” Billed as “an artists’ toy showcase,” featuring works by ZWIAN, Stephen Kavanaugh, and Lunbeck’s Nofunctiontoys.

“Fist Fulla” opens from 7 p.m. July 7 and continues through August 25. Expect to see, as described by in the show statement, “kit-bashed, clay sculpted, sofubi (soft vinyl), resin, plaster, and plastic-cast toys, hand-made and all unique from each other, as well as art that celebrates toys as a unique and impressionable form of media.”

The exhibit “Fist Fulla Toys” runs through August 25 at Petshop in Benson. More information and gallery hours can be found by contacting alex@bffomaha.org or at bffomaha.org

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