Nick Schutzenhofer, Untitled, 2022, PVA, paper, ink, pigment dispersions, urethane, oil, and encaustic on linen over panel, 43 in x 59.5 in.

In keeping with its mission to bring significant regional and international art to Omaha, “Chicago,’” will be the first installment of Baader-Meinhof’s annual summer group series. These surveys promise to provide a window into the shared ideas, conversations and culture happening in various localities around the world.

“As diverse and sprawling as Chicago is,” Baader-Meinhof Director Kyle Laidig said, “it is by no means comprehensive, a near impossible task, and instead endeavors to conjure a slant bit of context for the current social entanglements and material contributions of Chicago’s vibrant creative community.“ The exhibit opens Friday, July 21st from 6-9 p.m. and continues through September 1.

The artists participating are as follows: Michelle Grabner, Paul Heyer, Gareth Kaye, Tarik Kentouche, Michael Madrigali, Tim Mann, Devin T. Mays, Isabelle Frances McGuire & Bailey Connolly, Julian van de Moere, Ryan Nault, Haynes Riley, Kira Scerbin, Micah Schippa, Nick Schutzenhofer, José Taymani, Liz Vitlin and Kevin Weil.

The exhibition will open with a public reception on Saturday, July 21nd from 6-9 p.m. and it will include exhibiting artists. “Chicago” will be on view through September 1st. For more details and gallery hours, go to

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