Chris Potratz opened Greenlight Natural in 2019, a boutique cannabis dispensary providing high-quality, legal flower and gummies, as well as a comfortable, knowledgeable atmosphere.

After the passage of the Federal Farm Bill in 2018, the production of products made from hemp became legalized. This opened the door for selling CBD and THC products on a national level, so long as the THC doesn’t have more than 0.3% Delta 9 THC by dry weight.

At first, Greenlight Natural exclusively sold CBD products—such as creams and oils—which are primarily used for pain, inflammation, and sleep—not for recreational purposes (CBD doesn’t provide the psychoactive effects associated with THC, known by its street name, “marijuana”).

And while some met the dispensaries with a great amount of skepticism, others in Omaha quickly got on board because they understood the benefits.

Today, Greenlight Natural primarily sells psychoactive THC products rather than CBD. People partake in smoking THC for a variety of recreational, creative, and medical reasons.

For example, many people who have cancer and may be going through chemotherapy use THC because it offers a combination of physical and mental relief—and they no longer have to risk arrest to achieve it.

In this way, Greenlight Natural offers a net-positive avenue for people who want to smoke or eat THC without navigating illegal activity on the black market, such as driving to neighboring states where weed is legalized.

As Potratz explained, “There is categorically no difference between what we sell and what is grown and sold in Colorado.”

In addition to selling authentic, high-quality Delta 8 and Delta 9 products, Potratz and the Greenlight Natural crew provide honest awareness surrounding THC, which has faced over a century of disinformation.

“We have to be able to normalize cannabis and show people that it’s just as common as having a beer with your family at a restaurant,” Potratz added.

Greenlight Natural works directly with extractors and listens to your needs to provide you with the best flower and edibles possible. Stop in seven days a week at 6112 Military Ave, call (402) 670-8429, or visit

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